Presentation of the Centre

The Centre Jean Pépin, a research laboratory of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and the École Normale Supérieure of Paris, is devoted to the study of the doctrines of Antiquity, their formation, transmission, and reception in humanistic culture from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment by way of medieval knowledge, be it Arabic, Byzantine, or Latin. At the crossroads of philosophy, of ecdotics and codicology, of the history of science and technology, and of art theory, its researchers are particularly interested in the problematics of the constitution and transformation of intellectual and artistic patrimonies. The Centre Jean Pépin is also developing digital methods and tools for the humanities (Abjad, Iphis, Panckoucke) and is strongly active in the domain of bibliography and scientific information. While contributing to the publication of several scientific reference journals (Albertiana, Archives internationales d’histoire des sciences, Cahiers de l’Ornement, Revue des études dantesques, Nova Humanistica, Philosophie antique), it is in the process of developing a new avenue of research focusing on the actuality of antique philosophy and knowledge.

An overview of the Centre Jean Pépin’s scientific output covering the period 2017-2022


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